Master Benedicto’s work is based on original ideas depicting a conceptual analysis of reality.

Benedicto Martínez Angulo

Benedicto Martínez Ángulo is a painter from Bilbao whose work stretched over a period of 30 years. It was managed by the Benedicto Museum Foundation, which he created under the auspices of the Basque Government.

There is a philosophical comment to go with each painting. They were written by the painter himself and invite visitors to not only enjoy looking at the paintings but to reflect on the message that the artist wishes to convey.

The artist thought of his work as a heritage and did not want to sell this collection as it was being produced. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, but it did mean that they could be grouped into a monographic museum of 400 oils on canvas, most of which are 62 x 45 cm in size.

The artist and his descendants are pleased to put some of the works of art up for sale. Works of art can be purchased directly from this website or at the museum by prior appointment. Works of art can be purchased individually or as complete groups since the author grouped many of his paintings by themes.

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